Ag Banking

ATM Locations

  • Ampride - 107 Esplanade, Bellwood
  • Avenue Bar - 1061 26th Avenue, Columbus
  • Branch Bank - 4774 33rd Avenue, Columbus
  • Elks Country Club - 5113 63rd St, Columbus
  • Branch Bank - 1855 N 4th Street, David City
  • Dale's Food Pride - 634 E Street, David City
  • Didier's Grocery Store - 340 D Street, David City
  • Northside Convenience Store - 1652 N 4th Street, David City
  • Branch Bank - 103 4th Street, Platte Center
  • C & S Convienence Store - 102 S. 3rd Street, Saint Edward

24-Hour Depository

Our 24-hour depository boxes are located at the front entrance of the Main Bank in Bellwood, inside the first door at the Branch Bank in David City, and in the drive through at the Branch Bank in Platte Center. These boxes offer maximum security for your business and personal deposits.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes are used to store small items of value or important papers which could be lost, misplaced or stolen, i.e. birth certificates, wills, immunization records, deeds, passports, titles, certificates of deposit, etc.

Sizes and Annual Rates

  • Small - $12.00 (Bellwood location only)
  • 3X10 - $20.00 - Bellwood, David City and Platte Center
  • 5X10 - $30.00 - David City and Platte Center
  • 10X10 - $60.00 - David City and Platte Center

Safe Deposit Box Lock Replacement: $75.00 

Direct Deposit

Arrange for your payroll, social security, retirement or any other regular deposit to come directly to your account. Direct deposit is a safe, dependable and convenient way to make deposits.

Other Services

Replace Lost VISA debit card $5.00
Check Cashing Fee $2.00 per $100.00 (on uncollected funds)
Check Printing (Fee depends on style of check ordered)
Cashier's Checks $5.00
Bank Money Order $2.00
Foreign ATM Withdrawal $1.50 (in excess of 4 per statement cycle)
Fee for ATM Inquiry $1.00
Dormant Account Fee $10.00 per month
Levies $25.00
Check Handling Fee (deposited item returned) $3.00
Account Research $25/hour
Reproductions $.10 per page
Stop Payments $30.00 per item
Wire Transfers (Receiving) $13.00
Wire Transfers (Sending) $18.00
Fax $1.00 per page
Garnishments $50.00